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Sober living homes are facilities where individuals going through similar circumstances related to alcohol addiction or drug addiction can share responsibilities and live in a safe environment -all the while rebuilding their self-esteem and regaining their self-responsibility.

Just as women have different needs than men when it comes to their recovery, they best transitions occur for women when residing in a sober living facility built specifically for women. These facilities give women an addition level of safety during their stay, and provide ready-access to other women in recovery who can act as a support structure.

Sober living homes differ, but here are few common threads that run through almost all of them:

  • A safe environment. Sober living homes for women are 100% drug and alcohol-free facilities. Because nobody living in the sober facility is allowed to engage in substance abuse-related behavior, there is less temptation to relapse.
  • Shared responsibilities. One of the most important components of a sober living home for women is the sharing of household chores and responsibilities. Returning to a drug-free life is a significant step. Getting back to basics and learning how to take care of their share of the day-to-day responsibilities helps with the “baby steps” on that journey.
  • Rules and regulations. Sober living homes are only as safe and effective as their rules and regulations. Women can expect to find a stringent code of conduct regarding visitors (only during predetermined hours); illicit substances are prohibited (grounds for dismissal) and chores (do as scheduled).

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